About Us

I am a natural light portrait and wedding photographer. 
Born and raised in Florida, I made the life-changing decision at 23 years old to relocate and start over, here in the great state of Alabama. 

The history, nature, and good ole Southern hospitality here has inspired me to take the leap into professional photography.

I fell in love with shooting weddings because of the truly raw emotions throughout the day - and I want to capture every single one of them! 

Some tidbits about me!
I love to read, 
I'm OBSESSED with horses, Game of Thrones (except season 8 haha), & Outlander. You can usually bribe me with chocolate or pasta!



Justin, my hubby, tags along to most shoots to provide assistance however he can, which includes lugging around my gear, providing his services as a human GPS, and saying silly things to get as many big smiles for the camera as he can! He is also my backup photographer, so he's definitely worth keeping around!

Some tidbits about Justin!

He is a full time farrier, ex body builder, "shade tree" mechanic and totally crazy about sushi!

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