Frequently Asked Questions


Do you have a list of preferred vendors?

Absolutely! Whenever I work with any professional in the wedding industry that I would feel comfortable recommending to future couples, I add them to my list! You can find the list of preferred vendors HERE.

Do you travel for weddings or elopements?

Yes! We LOVE to travel! Right now, we're limited to the continental United States. We've booked weddings in Alabama, Tennessee, and Florida. We would love to see every state in our beautiful country, so shoot us a message so we can work out all the travel details. We now have a separate page for weddings outside of Alabama, but this is geared more toward the Southern states. You can find it HERE.

Do I get all of the images?
Yes! You will receive all images. Only the images that I deem unacceptable will not be turned over. This is at my discretion, but typically means the content or image quality is not to my standard. Otherwise, you will receive all the images taken on your big day.
For example, with the LUXE Collection, we average around 700 images.

Are all the images edited?

Yes! Every single image that I deliver has been hand edited.
They will be delivered in full/high resolution and you will also have the option to download the "web size" version for sharing on social media. Always remember, the full resolution images are necessary for prints. 

What images do you capture during the reception?

All of the traditions that you include! Of course this will also depend on the Wedding Collection you choose and your timeline. Cake cutting, garter toss, bouquet toss, and all the first dances are pretty much required, right?!
We typically do NOT capture photos of guests at the reception unless upon request. If you wish for us to capture these, please just ask! We may have to set aside extra time for guest portraits (we will cover this when we make your timeline). In our experience, guests are typically eating during the reception with only a handful dancing. We try to capture the memorable moments but images of people eating is not what you hire us for!

When will I receive my images?

I always guarantee that I will deliver the final product within 4 weeks of your wedding day! Many times I'm able to get them to you sooner, and I ALWAYS send a sneak peek! 

How will I receive my images?

All images will be uploaded to a private online gallery called Pixieset.

You (and anyone you choose to share the gallery with) will be able to download the images onto your personal computer. A computer is required as phones typically cannot open zip drives, nor would they have enough storage for the images. All images delivered are full resolution and have a large file size.
If you've selected the Platinum Collection, you will also receive a crystal USB drive with all the full resolution images already downloaded onto it!


What is the deposit (retainer) amount?

Your wedding date is considered reserved with me once I receive the signed copy of the contract and a nonrefundable retainer of 25% of the total of your chosen collection, pre-taxes, travel fees, etc.

The remainder is due no later than 3 weeks before your wedding day. Most brides opt to split the remainder into easy payments.

How do we pay you?

The retainer is to be paid online through Square. It's super easy! I'll send an invoice directly to your email, and you can pay with any credit or debit card. The rest can be paid via check, cash, or card. All card transactions are subject to the Square fee. Ask us about our cash discount for LOCAL weddings.

Payment plans are available!

What Happens if I need to reschedule due to COVID-19 related shut downs?

I had 4 weddings in May have to reschedule for different dates due to the closures and CDC guidelines. I was able to reschedule them all! I know it's scary and stressful (as if planning a wedding isn't stressful enough!), but I'm pretty flexible and I make every effort to accommodate any changes to venue, scheduling, or health guidelines. I stay on top of recent gov't guidelines and will provide a list of my available back up dates.

In the event that none of my dates are compatible with your other vendors, and you choose to hire another photographer, any payments made will be refunded EXCEPT the retainer and any associated travel or lodging fees, so long as notice is given at least one month in advance. 

I will send a cancellation of contract letter stating that you will not be using my services, which releases me from providing photography, and you from providing further payments.

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